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‘MORE WHITE SPACE. PLEASE!’ http://qurl.com/kw4zj

Original link: http://changethis.com/manifesto/show/72.04.WhiteSpace
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"6 ways to simplify your life": http://qurl.com/glsts

Original link: http://zip06.theday.com/blogs/samchilds/archive/2009/06/09/6-ways-to-simplify-your-life.aspx

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Feweristics is a micro-blog (powered by Twitter) on the theme of simplifying decisions in life, or in creative endeavours, through the use of formal constraints, rules of thumb and other strategies to save time and effort.

The Feweristics Minifesto

  • Most issues, decisions, dilemmas and ideas in life can and ought to be simplified
  • Creativity is fostered by rules and formal constraints
  • Similar rules and approaches can make decision-making in all fields easier - and often more fun
    Feweristics is a research project by writer and designer Andrew Chapman.
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